ConsciESG is an ESG ratings, data & research startup. Through our impact-focused approach, we aspire to re-define ESG integration for investors & companies.

ESG assessments should not be based on CSR and expensive marketing, but on how effectively a company addresses environmental & social issues at the product level, along its entire product life-cycle.

"At ConsciESG we believe that businesses & the financial sector are crucial to ensure the successful transition to a sustainable global economy. Through our centralized SaaS platform for ESG reporting, benchmarking, data & analytics solutions, we aspire to provide ease & transparency to our clients. ”


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March 2022
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May 2022
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The ESG data providers industry is highly non-standardized. Our approach addresses the following four key limitations:

Instead of assessing how well a company manages the risk that the environment & society pose for its financials, we follow a product-focused impact assessment approach, to help companies realize better profits while maximizing the well-being of all the stakeholders.

It takes a company the equivalent of two full time employees on average a year to take care of sustainability reporting. We replace this time & resource expensive process with our easy-to-fill, impact-focused reporting templates. Each member company can log into our reporting tool & have access to its impact-industry specific ESG template to fill in.

We see the World for what it is & allow companies from various sectors a chance to improve & be fairly assessed. Our methodology separates companies whose DNA is for impact from those that fall in the controversial or sin category. This allows us to collect the data from more personalized ESG reports & only assess & benchmark companies to their peers within the sample impact category.

Our AI technology allows us to collect any media content related to ESG controversies that a company is handling. The difference between us and our competitors is that instead of directly including them in our final ESG scores, we handle them with transparency, by providing investors with a one-click button, which opens a “controversies” page for each company in our sample. Our scores are computed only at the product level, from the ESG reporting tool provided by our SaaS platform. The rest of the relevant information is provided additionally & we leave it to our customers best judgment where & how to use that information.

Our Team

Our Vision.

ESG is good for business and for the world. We believe in a future where all business is sustainable, and companies thrive making decisions that maximize their profits while ensuring the joint well-being of the planet and all other stakeholders involved.

Our Mission.

At ConsciESG we believe that businesses & the financial sector are crucial to ensure the successful transition to a sustainable global economy. We are committed to help our clients towards that goal, through our ESG solutions that maximize both profits & all stakeholders’ wellbeing.

Briseida Gjoza

Briseida Gjoza

Founding Partner, CEO

Adeliada Mehmetaj, Ph.D.

Adeliada Mehmetaj, Ph.D.

Founding Partner, CEO

Naimul Abd

Naimul Abd

Strategic advisor
Jean-Roch Trannoy

Jean-Roch Trannoy

Strategic advisor

ConsciESG is determined to be a pioneer in product-focused ESG impact assessment solutions, to help investors & companies deliver both better profits & higher social value.


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