Portfolio Impact
Assess & optimize the impact and
financial performance of your portfolio
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Current Impact Tools
Import your existing portfolio and get your granular and aggregate progress analytics computed instantly
Customize your portfolio and analyze how the overall impact progress of your investments changes
Analyze impact progress at the stock and thematic levels
Identify Improvers and Laggards through our simple three-tier progress categorization: Egressus, Ante and Nova
Identify the contribution of each industry to your portfolio’s impact improvement
Download detailed portfolio progress reports to use internally or with your external stakeholders
The Portfolio Optimisation
Tool of the Future
Advanced AI & ML Technology
Define your investment priorities and let our algorithm determine your portfolio distribution
Impact & Alpha
We help you build portfolios that jointly maximize impact progress and alpha
Detailed Benchmark Report
Generate and download a detailed report on the impact progress and financial performance of your investments
Impact Portfolio
Get the ConsciESG stamp of approval for your portfolio

- Demonstrate the positive impact your investments have on the environment and society.

- Learn which Sustainable Development Goals your portfolio is impacting.

- Address negative performance and optimize on positive performance.

What you'll receive:

Branded 'ConsciESG Certified' badge for display on your website, social channels, and marketing collateral.

Branded Impact Certificate valid for 1 year.

Full Portfolio Diagnostic report.

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