Thu, 07 Dec 2023
ConsciESG Top 10 Portfolio Returns Overpeform Both the Dow Jones & the S&P


139 companies across 11 different sectors were ranked both by ConsciESG Progress Score and Dow Jones ESG Scores. Out of the whole sample, two different portfolios were built, one with the ConsciESG Top 10 progress performers and another by Dow Top 10 ESG performers. Then, we computed their respective alphas with S&P returns as benchmark and the US RFR, using monthly stock returns from January 2021 to August 2023.

Key Results

  • Top 10 ConsciESG & Dow Jones portfolio returns display close co-movement between each other and the S&P Benchmark.
  • The Dow Top 10 overperforms S&P returns with an alpha of 0.06%
  • The ConsciESG Top 10 overperforms S&P returns with an alpha of 0.12%

Top 10 Dow & ConsciESG Portfolios

Stock Returns 

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