Tue, 07 Nov 2023
Hyperloop TT innovation platform partnership

ConsciESG, recognized for its innovative progress benchmark that is disrupting the ESG data market, was chosen as one of the key innovation partners by Hyperloop TT, to contribute to the Lucy weekly innovation digest on ESG.

Hyperloop TT has been recognised by and taught at the Harvard Business School, as the global crowd powered ecosystem that is disrupting transportation through its sustainable high-speed transportation technology. Lucy, was recently introduced to be Hyperloop’s  “all-in-one platform that’s revolutionizing open innovation in an augmented work environment”.

Aligned with the Lucy Hyperloop TT mission to deliver the first transportation breakthrough of the century, ConsciESG made transportation one of its focus sectors globally, alongside energy, real estate and construction. While Hyperloop TT keeps using its innovation to make transportation sustainable, ConsciESG will keep using data to bring transparency on such innovations, on a quest to end greenwashing in ESG and to contribute to a sustainable thriving future of business.

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